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Robert Langdon, le célèbre professeur d'histoire de l'art, spécialiste de symbologie religieuse, à Harvard, est convoqué au CERN, en Suisse, pour déchiffrer un symbole gravé au fer rouge sur la poitrine d'un éminent homme de science qui a été assassiné. Il fait alors une découverte incroyable :... Lire la suite

Robert Langdon, le célèbre professeur d'histoire de l'art, spécialiste de symbologie religieuse, à Harvard, est convoqué au CERN, en Suisse, pour déchiffrer un symbole gravé au fer rouge sur la poitrine d'un éminent homme de science qui a été assassiné. Il fait alors une découverte incroyable : il s'agirait d'un crime commis par une très ancienne société secrète, les Illuminati, laquelle s'est également emparée d'un conteneur renfermant une substance très dangereuse. La secte, qui vient de resurgir après une éclipse de quatre siècles, a juré d'anéantir l'Eglise catholique. Langdon ne dispose que de quelques heures pour sauver le Vatican qu'une terrifiante bombe à retardement menace ! Dans cette folle course contre la montre, Langdon aura comme alliée, Vittoria, une ravissante jeune scientifique qui l'aidera à décrypter d'archaïques symboles qui d'églises en places romaines le mèneront jusqu'à l'antre des Illuminati

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    et toujours ds le meme registre de cet auteur, j ai bien aimé !

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    L’année dernière, j’avais lu Da Vinci Code , et l’ayant adoré, j’étais obligée de lire un autre livre de cet auteur. J’ai donc décidé de lire Anges & Démons et j’ai bien fait! Le personnage principal : Robert Langdon est le même que dans Da Vinci Code (mais vous pouvez lire les livres dans n’importe quel ordre), j’étais très contente de le retrouver car c’est un personnage que j’apprécie vraiment.

    Ce spécialiste de symbologie religieuse, est une fois de plus embarqué dans une enquête infernale! Tout commence par un corps de scientifique marqué au fer rouge, la marque fait référence à une ancienne secte, celle des Illuminatis. Robert doit à tout pris se rendre au Vatican pour le sauver d’une bombe à retardement!

    Une fois de plus, on apprend plein de chose et d’anecdotes sur les Illuminatis, Francs-maçons, Vatican… Ce roman est vraiment très riche en documentations, et toutes les informations sont vraies. Ce roman parle surtout de la lutte entre religion et sciences. J’ai adoré voyager à Rome et au Vatican. On découvre plusieurs œuvres comme des statues, le Panthéon… Dan Brown à travers son récit, nous transmet sa pasion. De plus l’écriture est fluide et entraînante.

    Il y a également beaucoup d’actions. Nous avons le droit à une course-poursuite dans Rome! C’était vraiment génial! On passe vraiment de bons moments et on ne s’ennuie jamais!

    C’est vraiment un roman que je vous conseil, J’ai préféré Da Vinci Code mais c’est quand même un Coup de Cœur!!! Je viens d’acheter Le Symbole perdu du même auteur et j’espère aussi l’aimer =)

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    The fight between science and religion has lasted for centuries throughout history and even today the church and the scientists disagree on several existential questions. What if the presence of human beings on earth could be explained by both science and religion, at the same time, in a consensus that would allow both sides to survive together rather than constantly try to overpower one another?
    Dan Brown uses this question and unusual assumption as the starting point for Angels and demons. Of course, when science and religion are brought together, it is always complicated and for that reason, the plot is full of twists and turns, and extremely thrilling. Everything starts in CERN, where a scientist is found dead, a strange symbol branded on his chest. Robert Langdon, a famous symbologist, is called and asked to investigate as it appears that a secret brotherhood he studied for an important part of his life is responsible for the murder. Helped by Vittoria, he sets off to Vatican in the hope of solving the mystery… but their time is counted because a weapon capable of inconceivable destruction has disappeared from CERN and is apparently hidden in Vatican City. Just when conclave is organised in order to elect a new Pope.
    With so many dramatic events happening at the same time, it is difficult not to forget that everything occurs in only one day. No wonder the protagonists do not know where to start. Find the scientist’s murderer? Understand why a symbol supposed to have disappeared centuries ago is suddenly found? Locate the destructive weapon that was stolen? Evacuate the chapel in order to save the cardinals? A well-thought plan of action would be welcome but there is no time for imagining one. So the reader is thrown into Vatican, a country full of secrets, where he has to run alongside the characters the whole time in order to keep up with the events. The plot is so gripping that it is nearly impossible to let go of the book before the last page.
    The beginning of the novel takes place in CERN, where we are made aware of several important concepts that will be useful as the story unfolds. A few passages are quite specific and complicated to read for non scientific people – I must admit I did not understand everything – but as Langdon does not know much about the technologies that are mentioned, the author made serious effort to write easy explanations.
    Later as well, as we get to know the brotherhood of the Illuminati, the secrets of Vatican City and the papacy, we are always given enough understandable details so that we can follow what is happening. This is probably one of the advantages to having two main protagonists who do not know each other and have very different backgrounds. Even if, contrary to the locations where the story takes place, they are never really described – which first annoyed me – we grow attached to them as we see the courage and perseverance they show when they are placed in such a terrible situation.
    Even if the scientific aspect of the plot did not interest me that much, I liked discovering about new technologies and above all how everything was connected at the end: science, religion, the Illuminati. I was thrilled to be lead through Vatican and discover how everything was organised, be it for security or for the conclave. We even find out about secret places that are normally closed to the public. Following Vittoria and Langdon’s steps, we are also given a visit of Rome and its many important and famous monuments, with interesting art history information.
    As everything is real, we can easily guess how much research the author had to do in order to write his book… and we can say it was definitely worth it. It gives it a touch of additional realism that helps us get over an extraordinary and unbelievable story.
    Although several scenes seem quite unrealistic at first, there is always a good – or acceptable – explanation and so I put aside my initial scepticism in order to fully enjoy the investigation. Still, I must admit that it was some sometime a little bit over-the-top, in my opinion at least.
    The Illuminati are extremely mysterious and as Robert Langdon uncovers more and more secrets, I was amazed to see how everything was connected, how each action had a function and a meaning and how ingenious the plot was. The legend of their ambigrams is also very impressive and as we go through the pages, we will come across several of these amazing symbols.
    However, some of the passages directly connected to the Illuminati – and more specifically to the Hassassin, but I do not want to spoil the story by telling too much – are violent, too violent for me even. We witness several scenes of murder, each of them full of dark details… and so Angels and demons is not a book that can be given to anybody.
    As you will probably have understood by now, Dan Brow does not spare his audience the horror of the crimes. It is definitely no fairy tale… But will there be a happy ending? Keeping in mind that the fights between science and religion have been extremely bloody and violent throughout the centuries, I let you find out what it could look like nowadays… Or perhaps it is not too late to find a compromise yet, who knows?

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    J'ai préféré le livre au film. Un peu étrange mais l'enquête est intéressante

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    Beaucoup de mal à me plonger corps et âme dans le début de ce triller, face aux nombreux détails scientifiques mais Brown arrive par la suite a nous emporter dans le monde du vatican et nous faire rêver surtout lorsque Robert Langdon pénètre dans la bibliothèque du Vatican

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    Pour ce roman qui nous raconte les aventures de Robert Langdon, j'ai adoré l'ambiance qui entoure le livre. Il est beaucoup plus agréable à lire que le Da Vinci code, c'est un excellent thriller. On découvre le Vatican, on est porté par le suspense, les rebondissements sont nombreux et très riches en émotion. Le succès de l'auteur est simple il mélange l'action, le suspense, l'aventure et les faits historiques. Tous ces ingrédients plaisent au public, et j'avoue être tombé sous le charme. Vivement que ses autres ouvrages soient traduits.

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    une course effrénée contre le temps en plein cœur du Vatican ! de quoi vous tenir en haleine

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